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Awesome Marmite Crispy Baby Squid // 妈蜜香脆小苏东

Awesome Marmite Crispy Baby Squid // 妈蜜香脆小苏东

Unlike the typical crispy baby squid recipe, we added Marmite to add some punch to the dish  and it turned out great. The savoury of Marmite really brought out the sweetness of the baby squids. Awesome!!

See our step-by-step video here: Awesome Marmite Crispy Baby Squid // 妈蜜香脆小苏东

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Serves 4

400 – 500g baby squid
12 – 15 curry leaves
3 tablespoons chilli sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
some fresh pineapple
1 onion
1/2 tablespoon Marmite

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